Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ayanna's new look!

After having dinner with Ayanna the other night we did that video and I took these pics. Per your requests here are Ayanna's toe nails!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ayanna HOW do you WIPE your butt?

I hung out with Ayanna for a while last night. We had a great time.The seafood at Willi G's was great. I can't lie I was amazed at how Ayanna got that last lil bit of shrimp out of the tail. Amazin. I took a short video of that and I will post in a bit. Then we came to my house where my daughter was resting from dental work.Actually my daughter Alexa is the one askin the questions. This is one of my fav videos cuz it's funny. Ayanna is so pleasant and wonderful. I even let some of my older clients watch it today and they just feel like Ayanna is so sweet. SHE IS!

I will hit yall back in a few with the other video of her eating! Dont yall have any questions for Ayanna to answer?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ayanna plays with Derek Blanks of RHOA!

I Love love Halloween! MinxHouston has a ton of fun co-sponsoring a big event with Derek Blanks (celebrity photographer of Real Housewives of Atlanta)for the grand opening of POSH Lounge! We were supposed to come dressed as our ALTER EGO's..but how sexy could I make TOP CHEF? Well ok you have a point. I could have if I tried lil Spanish number was kinda Fly don't ya think? (Chloe Mims is a great client who was painted to advertise for us!)

So as the night went on I kept waiting for AYANNA & LEENA to show up! When they showed up I was like WOW! They both looked sooo awesome! They are some pretty ladies yall. The nails? OUT OF SIGHT! See for yourself!

We all had so much fun! Check out Derek..he really didn't know what to do
You should have seen the looks on peoples faces when they saw me stuck behind a "a cage of nails" lol

So now that I have all those marketing event out of the way I can begin the filming of Ayanna and our documentary. Look for a video to come tomorrow when I follow Ayanna to her hair dresser's. Tomorrow should be fun! Peace yall.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Longest MINXn in the World

Hiya friends, Finally I have the longest video uploaded for you to see. I hope you enjoy cuz it took 3 tries hour each time. Guess I have a dinosaur pc lol. Let me know what you think. I do allow comments on my blog so...let me know. Also if you have questions for Ayanna send them to and Ayanna will answer them in our next video!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Make the Haters your Motivators"

I am amaaaazed at the controversy of me working with and on Ayanna's nails. It's range has reached across not only my salon and some of my clients but in my social networking hang-outs. The more accomplished and recognized I become out come the haters. ANONYMOUS HATERS LOLOLOL they crack me up poor people. Always been a very opinionated, but I always try to put myself in that persons shoes before I open my mouth. I got a ton of shit for being a democrat during the election and now I'm gettin a ton of crap over this. Wako that people have so much energy to put toward something that doesn't affect their paycheck or their family. Kandi on RHOA said it best, "make the haters your motivators"! WORD! Anyway here are another video. Will post the last 2 tomorrow! Hope yall enjoy.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wow the first taping went great with Ayanna! I was amazed to see how neat and clean her nails were. Also they were polished to perfection! Impressive that she did this herself!
I had a few visitors like my bestie DivoJ and my daughter Alexa stop by to meet Ayanna. My wonderful asst Ms Veronica helped me with the camcorder and her nails too.

I was so impressed with how clean her nails were. Not a spec of dirt or even old polish to be seen under her nails. In fact her polish job was so impressive I would have sworn someone else did it!

It took a quart of acetone and more cotton than I use in a day to remove her polish. Once this was done we buffed her nails prepping for the longest MINXn I have ever done (or anyone for that matter!) The video will up as soon as I get a card reader. sorry yall I got a new camcorder and can't fig it out just yet!

Yeah yeah you think it is gross. Every time I wanna say I could careless what you think...I remember why I want to do this documentary. By the time I finished her nails...4 hrs later and the time flew too....we had Minx'd 27 inches of nails and polished the rest with OPI Gold.

Ayanna is a super sweet and easy goin lady. I like her..alot! Stay tuned for more to come.
MINXn Peace yall!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday We Shoot!

Main Entry: am·bi·tious
Pronunciation: \am-ˈbi-shəs\
Function: adjective
Date: 14th century

1 a : having or controlled by ambition b : having a desire to achieve a particular goal : aspiring

That's what I was called by one of my good clients when I told her I was gonna make a documentary on a woman who has 16 inch nails. Meet Ayanna. Yes that's her pic up there. Did you say GROSS or OMFG? I can lay money down that your first thought was how does she clean herself? Right? Do you really want to know?

Tomorrow I meet Ayanna for the first time. I am gonna do an evaluation, remove some polish and Minx one of her nails for a YouTube video. This will be the first of many videos that will be part of a 7 month documentary on Ayanna's lifestyle including her nail appointments. By the time April gets here we go to Vegas for a convention for "Long Nail Beauties".

I hope my inexperience with a camcorder doesn't go "Blair witch" on ya but I'll give it my best. I def want to tell yall that Ayanna is a sweet heart and I AM FASCINATED with this entire project! I know you have questions so send them to and see if they are answered in my next YouTube video! Peace yall