Friday, November 6, 2009

Ayanna HOW do you WIPE your butt?

I hung out with Ayanna for a while last night. We had a great time.The seafood at Willi G's was great. I can't lie I was amazed at how Ayanna got that last lil bit of shrimp out of the tail. Amazin. I took a short video of that and I will post in a bit. Then we came to my house where my daughter was resting from dental work.Actually my daughter Alexa is the one askin the questions. This is one of my fav videos cuz it's funny. Ayanna is so pleasant and wonderful. I even let some of my older clients watch it today and they just feel like Ayanna is so sweet. SHE IS!

I will hit yall back in a few with the other video of her eating! Dont yall have any questions for Ayanna to answer?

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