Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ayanna plays with Derek Blanks of RHOA!

I Love love Halloween! MinxHouston has a ton of fun co-sponsoring a big event with Derek Blanks (celebrity photographer of Real Housewives of Atlanta)for the grand opening of POSH Lounge! We were supposed to come dressed as our ALTER EGO's..but how sexy could I make TOP CHEF? Well ok you have a point. I could have if I tried but...my lil Spanish number was kinda Fly don't ya think? (Chloe Mims is a great client who was painted to advertise for us!)

So as the night went on I kept waiting for AYANNA & LEENA to show up! When they showed up I was like WOW! They both looked sooo awesome! They are some pretty ladies yall. The nails? OUT OF SIGHT! See for yourself!

We all had so much fun! Check out Derek..he really didn't know what to do ..lol
You should have seen the looks on peoples faces when they saw me stuck behind a "a cage of nails" lol

So now that I have all those marketing event out of the way I can begin the filming of Ayanna and our documentary. Look for a video to come tomorrow when I follow Ayanna to her hair dresser's. Tomorrow should be fun! Peace yall.

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